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Humanitree House Art Smith’s Art Class

Children’s brains are like the ultimate computer - lightning fast at combining logic, creativity, and space. Humanitree House Gallery, we assist children and teens in adding focus, intent and direction to their unique talents. The open, and professional setting of our gallery space and our highly skilled and enthusiastic instructors help your children achieve their very best work.

The Art Class

This is the ideal environment for making art because it supports creativity, builds self-esteem, and rewards parents with art work created by their children that they’ll treasure forever. In this a technique and project-based class, kids use a variety of media  to explore art techniques and traditions. From the central, starting viewpoint of The Art Class, students experience a variety of art mediums, allowing them to indulge in favorites such as drawing, painting, illustration and story development, while being surprised by how good they can become with our expert instruction. Many a mind has been changed and inspired by the diverse offerings of this class.

Private Class Offerings

Pre-Portfolio Class

Pre-Requisite for Portfolio Class

Pre-Portfolio class lays the groundwork for our ‘Portfolio Class’. This class is designed to ease the young artist towards the rigorous workload presented in Portfolio Class. It’s a college level presentation of exercises that become beautiful works of art. This class is only for the most serious young artists. Open to students 7th grade and up. Early preparation is everything!

The Portfolio Class

(Suggested Pre-Requisite: Pre-Portfolio Class)

Portfolio class is for the art student who is serious about building an audition-ready portfolio This class provides a private tutorial experience in a classroom setting for each student with Studio Arts Director, Baruti Tucker.  Please contact our class liaison, Denise Tucker at 706-394-0190, ASAP for detailed information and pricing. Space is limited.

Only for the student entering 8th grade and up.

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Enjoy a memorable and festive party - ages 5 and up.

Parties are $175 for the first 8 students, then $10 per student after that, up to 24 people. You bring the cake, we supply the art project and gentle, fun instruction. Call Denise Tucker for details and booking - 706.394.0190